This is The Best Stand-ins for You Now!

PadBot is a telepresent robot, which serves as another copy of you while communicating remotely.

Always with you

My PadBot is here, just as me, always with you.

Celebrate your birthday with your loved ones, regardless you are on a business trip.
Work efficiently by face-to-face discussion. Having meeting is now full of fun.
Wake up your girlfriend in the morning when you are running in the park.
The PadBot makes you and your life a BIG different.
Wandering around as a robot is just cool!

For Companies

Telepresence robot is ideal for companies with distributed offices and remote workers. Also for executives who need to be in touch and monitor the production process and quality control.

For schools

The use of robots in schools for children with disabilities. Read an interview with a teacher who is already in practice applies a robot for educational purposes.

Padbot в школах

For medical institutions

The best option for remote consultations in clinics and hospitals. The optimal solution for connection to a medical specialist, in cases when you need to get urgent information, and the doctor is out of reach.

Connect everywhere, every time

The PadBot App runs in multiple terminals, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android pad. In the future, it will support Web browser.

Padbot utilizes the powerful iOS and Android platform to build a peer-to-peer video & voice communications. You can connect the PadBot through your phone or pad, with WiFi or 4G connections.