AELOS Robots

Always with you

Aelos has chat, simultaneous translation, voice search, voice repeat, voice command and other intelligent voice functions; It also has a sensor sensor and a 9-axis acceleration sensor, capable of perceiving a touch around to maintain balance.

16 degree of freedom of Aelos is more flexible than most products on the market. Thanks to the unique structural design and proven rigorous algorithm of the step algorithm, it can provide a high accuracy servo at the same time, which makes Aelos easily perform tens of thousands of delicate actions. Regardless of what it is yoga, jumping, gymnastics or even a lot of complicated activities, Aelos can always show you the most exciting performance.

Excellent stamina Main parts and control systems Aelos. After testing again and again, Aelos possessed a stable structure, excellent performance and better internal coordination ability, which, to provide Aelos, can accompany you more safety and stability. When the battery is fully charged, strong endurance to support Aelos plays with you together for about 60 minutes.

870 USD/Euro