PB-U1 - Telepresence robot


Teleprecense in full power,
from any iOS or Android devices.
The best way to comunicate remotely.

  • 1.FREE application
  • 2.Dock autorecharge station
  • 3.Speakers
  • 4.Fish lens

Help with delivery

Multi Terminal Support. People can take the iPad or Android Pad as the brain of robot. We use iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Android Pad to control robot locally or remotely. The design of robot saves your money. Our robot turns your existing gadgets into a part of robot. It utilizes what you already have, rather than buying some high price laboratory equipment.

Powerful Functions in Apps. Free Apps support the iOS and Android platforms. It has powerful functions, such as self control, remote control, real-time video chat, friends dashboard, QR-Code etc. The user interface is unique and elegant. In our user survey, people start using it easily without reading a single line of user manual. The logic of interaction is clear. Buttons and text are self-explained. And Apps supports 26 languages, a truly globalized application.


Price: 800 Euro / 700 GBP