MB101 - robot show

Interactive robot -
promoter with remote
control and
the most attractable

  • 1.Sociable
  • 2.Emotional
  • 3.Interact with visitors
  • 4.Attract the most attention
  • 5.Good looking
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Face Detection

Remote robot control, recording and sound recording

Speech Synthesis

Linux operating system

Mobile platform on wheels MECANUM

Remote control via Wi-Fi

The best way to present your product

MB101 is a unique robot that can make even the most rigorous exercise more interesting and exciting. This humanoid has a futuristic design that allows you to transfer guests from the ordinary present in an amazing future. Why not use the device to attract new customers and entertainment old ones?

The MB101 robot can become indispensable in the field of advertising. Such a promoter can gather a crowd around him in a matter of minutes. Unusual appearance and ability to move smoothly and naturally attract the attention of an audience of different ages. With all this, the robot is courteous and attentive, just like a man! He can shake hands, greet the guest and even bow.

Also MB101 is equipped with speech recognition and facial recognition functions, so it is easy to answer questions of varying complexity. The best consultant just can not find! The robot brings the future and the world of new technologies directly to the room where the meeting or conference takes place. Speech Synthesis The telepresence function turns a conventional machine into a better promoter or hostess.

Where can MB101 work?

As already mentioned, MB101 is equipped with speech recognition and facial recognition functions. Also it moves quite organically and is easily programmed. Thanks to such characteristics, a humanoid robot can be useful as:

Promoter. A large and original robot easily attracts attention, keeps the audience and stimulates consumer interest.

Hostess. MB101 can meet guests, imitate a bow and shake hands. In addition, he easily builds a map of the locality and can move along a given trajectory. This allows the robot to guide guests to their places.

Consultant. If desired, you can program the speech modules and the robot will conduct detailed consultations on the spot.

Animator. For kids to find the best friend on the game will be difficult. A talking robot will be able to take their attention on all the time while adults are busy. MB101 can entertain an adult audience. He easily attracts attention and can even joke.

The seller. MB101 will be able to perfectly describe all the advantages of the sold product, to lead the customer to it and to generate interest in the products.


Advantages of using MB101

Despite the fact that the robot has a number of innovative features, it is quite simple to use. The telepresence option allows you to interact with customers and guests remotely. A remote control system using Wi-Fi enables staff to do several tasks simultaneously. While the robot entertains and guides guests to places, the manager who manages them can tackle organizational issues.

The undoubted advantage of the robot MB101 is the ability to record video and audio. This option is very useful in conducting studies of audience behavior, questionnaires and various experiments. In the presence of a robot, people express real emotions, rarely hide admiration or discontent. Video recording will help to identify the real reaction of the audience to a product or event.

It is worth paying attention to the speech of the robot. He easily supports dialogue with people, is able to gesticulate. Such a "space" assistant from the future will become a real friend for children and adults. It will create a joyful atmosphere, a good mood and a desire to buy.

Robots for shows


  • 1.The best show experience
  • 2.Unforgetable perfomance
  • 3.For any concerts
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Advertising campaigns with promotional robots

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  • 1.Promotion of goods and services in the premises or on the street
  • 2.Interactive mobile advertising - broadcast presentations and advertisements on the touch screen
  • 3.Participation in presentations and conferences, meeting and accompanying guests
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Promotional robots in the shopping center and shops

  • 1.Consultation on goods and services
  • 2.Conduct promotions
  • 3.Multimedia Demo
  • 3.Monitoring of demand for goods and services
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