PadBot Technical Specifications


Getting Started
What is PadBot?

PadBot is a telepresence robot. People can use PadBot to represent him/her remotely by showing his/her video, voice and movements in real-time. We can control PadBot to move freely and knock its head. PadBot is an innovative way of commmunications. It narrows the cap between face-to-face discussion and phone calls.

How does PadBot work?

PadBot uses tablets as its brain, such as iPad or iPad mini. PadBot connect with tablets via wireless Bluetooth 4.0. The PadBots communciate with each other by using WiFi/4G connections. This connectivity are already been built into tablets. After user register their account in PadBot system, they can invite their friends, and start the conversation via PadBot.

What scenario does PadBot fit in?

PadBot can be used for business and home usage. Business environment includes meetings, remote expertise for medical, user services, dianostic etc. For home usage, PadBot fits mostly for the kids to play with. The shape of PadBot looks like a white goose, which is elegant and human friendly.

Product Usage
How long does the battery last?

The capacity of PadBot battery is as large as 9800mAh. The rechargeable battery can last 5 days in standby mode. When control the PadBot continously, it lasts around 15 hours, depending on the ground situation and user behaviors.

How do I know padbot is fully charged?

PadBot have four green power light. We can treat each light stands for approximately 25% percent of battery capacity. So from the indication lights, you could know the battery capacity easily.

Is there any collistion protective methods built in PadBot?

PadBot have an infrared collision prevention system. When PadBot is moving, it always keep monitoring any possible obstacles. The PadBot would stop moving when close to human or other kind of animals, like dogs and cats.

Can PadBot stop automatically when near the floor edges?

PadBot have an anti-falling system.When PadBot is moving, it keeps detecting floor edges by two sensors built under the frontside of itself. When Padbot is close to the edge of stairs or floors, the anti-falling system will stop PadBot moving.

Does the PadBot support 10 inch tablets?

The head of PadBot support 7 inch to 10 inch tablet.

How much is the movement range of the head?

PadBot has a flexible head, which could knock up 30 degrees and knock down 30 degrees.

How far away can PadBot be from my tablets?

PadBot uses Bluethooth to connect with your iPad/iPad mini or any other Android pads. It must be within 30 meters from your pad to stay connected.

Apps Usage
Which model of tablet can I use for PadBot?

You can use the new iPad , iPad 4, iPad air, iPad mini or iPad mini retina as the brain of PadBot. The PadBot Apps support iOS 6.0 and up. In the meanwhile, You can use your Android Tablets as the brain of PadBot.The PadBot support 7 to 10 inches of Android Tablets and the PadBot Apps support Android 4.3 or above.

What languages does Padbot App support?

The Padbot app will be available 34 national languages.

How is the security controlled for privacy?

The real-time video chat is based on peer-to-peer connection, with real time encryption technology. The server only handle the setup messages. No media stream is transfer to server.

How many friends can I invite for a video chat?

Currently, PadBot support one-to-one video chat. Multiple part video will be supported in future roadmap, it is reserved in PadBot system archecture design.

Can I create a video chat on my laptop?

Not yet. We have iOS and Android. We think PC client is a cool idea and we are looking into scheduling it in.

Will I be able to use PadBot locally without Internet?

You could control PadBot locally via Bluetooth 4.0, by moving forward or backward, and knocking the head up or down. But you can't create a real-time video chat with others and control PadBot remotely without Internet.

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